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The Ultimate Challenge The Route Suzuki Jimny's and their crews will cover a staggering journey of 153 days on the road, due to arrive at the Southampton Boat Show by September 12th. - Heaven Can Wait, I'm Busy

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The Ultimate Challenge
Animation of the Route

The journey began on March 31 st  2013 from Southampton.  They'll travel through Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. Mongolia and back into Russia to Vladivostok.  Across the Sea of Japan then ten days across Japan itself. After leaving Japan the vehicles will undertake the first of their major sea voyages across the North Pacific Ocean.  When they arrive in Seattle, USA they'll travel up to Anchorage Alaska to get ready for the next gruelling stage. Down through Canada and the centre of North America arriving in Newark, New York, ready for their second major sea voyage back to Southampton. The little Suzuki Jimnys and their crews will cover a staggering journey of 150 days, a gruelling 16,500 road miles and 10,375 sea miles.

You can follow their journey on a day by day basis via the live feedback from the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker. They will also be reporting back regularly via satellite phones with the highs and lows of their adventures. In addition to the filming of  While We Have Time, if some of the more cutting edge technology lives up to its name, we may even have snippets of live footage as they drive through exciting and challenging countries via the little GoPro video camera. See where they are now, click here.

At the Southampton Boat Show you will be available to look over vehicles and the crew will be available to chat. Heaven knows what the guys will have had to cope with as they complete their Ultimate Challenge, so anyone wanting to get first hand accounts as soon as they arrive home, this is the place to do it!

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